DMC Conference 2015.

DMC 2015The Perspective That Makes Your Idea Work

Having great ideas is one thing, but having the perspective to see them through is what will ultimately determine success. What keeps you inspired and excited about life? If you could actionably reposition your daily life with the mindset of Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent to propel ideas, how much work would you be able to accomplish? Do you possess a growth mindset or a fixed mindset? GLYTCH Media + Marketing’s Founder, Terry Thierry, will provide the audience a look into what it means to “be your best superhero” and how it impacts inspiring and executing creativity within and outside the agency.

November 27, 2015 – Moscow, Russia

The Lazy Efforts of Kanye.

Bomber Jackets

Kanye, you are lazy. Wait, I take that back. Your efforts are lazy. You took a year off and claimed you were studying fashion doing an internship at Fendi, working on music, reenergizing your creative juices. You came out with a women’s line and the only thing successful from that collection was that god-awful gladiator leaf stiletto produced by Zanotti. Your collection wasn’t well received and we all know Anna didn’t see it. Nor the consumer you designed it for.

You pouted and ranted about not being taken seriously. Everyone cuddled you and said “Oh Ye, try again!” See, this is where the problem comes in when you have a team of “Yes Ma’ams” around you and no one willing to say “No Ma’am!” There’s been a lot of things you’ve done that some people should of told you “No Ma’am!” True friends will risk the thought of falling out with you to tell you the truth! Let’s examine this new creative endeavor over at Adidas. Not the sneakers, they are GREAT, you are very good at designing footwear, HINT!
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Welcome to InThierry.

Welcome to “in thierry” a blog about my thoughts and ideas on marketing, branding, business development, Beyonce, and strategy. Yes I said Beyonce!

I love business and I am extremely passionate about people launching products and executing their big ideas. However sometimes with great ideas with the lack of strategy and execution fail easily. That’s why I’m here to point out the “glytch’s” and offer a different perspective on how you can succeed.

Hope you enjoy!